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Online Number - Does it cost me per minute?

Casual Tourist

I just signed up for 3 months of an online number (for something like $12).  When someone now calls me on this number, do I pay a per minute cost on top of the $12 for 3 months charge?  Or is the $12 the only charge?



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Novel Tourist

I have the same question. I don't see any response to this and it's two weeks old, don't SKYPE support staff members monitor this forum?

Novel Adventurer

My experience is that Skype does not make additional per-minute charges to the person who has purchased the Online Number. Beware, however, that the person dialling the Online Number may be racking up unexpected charges on their phone bill. In the case of South Africa, the "local" number Skype provides looks like an ordinary local number but they are charged at such a high rate that it would be much cheaper to dial the USA directly, landline to landline, than to dial this "local number." This is quite apart from the price paid to Skype get a local number. I cannot understand why anyone would want this service, at least for dialling from South Africa. What the per-minute charges are in other countries, I have no idea. Skype doesn't put any information about it on their website.

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