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It is interesting how the latest info is written so authoritavely - did any of you "johnny-come-latelies" bother to read back and with particular reference to the letter from CRTC shared by an earlier writer?


Suggest this would have been a good move before suggesting that others are wasting their time on this blog. I agree that it has been a huge waste of time in the sense that nothing has changed... particularly the silence of SKYPE in this entire matter.


The latest writer "ishvarat" would be much more efficient if he were to only write the same response once instead of FOUR times. Readers are not blind.

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I would recommend who can give you a number which can then be forwarded to your Skype name. They offer many business solutions including 800 numbers, fax, voice mail, etc. 

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I have discovered which is an online number which forwards to skype. It is more expensive than skype's opline number, but they offer numbers local in almost all major cities in Canada. It works very well. p.s. I am waiting for someone to click kudo, as I think this deserves at least one.... :-)

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Hey I'm looking at this site, and it says you have to forward it to another number after you buy theirs..

so in other words for me to have incoming calls I have to buy a number through skype, then another one off theirs then have them forward the call to an american number..
Or is there a way to forward it to skype without having to buy two numbers? let me know haha.  

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I live in Canada have been reading this online number in Canada thread and was wondering when someone would get the answer. it's all about money and as much money as possible in an uninterrupted stream going into the few telecommunications company's pockets - the companies that monopolize this market. if they let skype in skype has to make it financially attractive for them that means they have to make more profit out of the deal. cell bills going from 50 bucks a month to 3 bucks a month isn't more profit for the telecommunications companies here. there are only something like 45 million people in canada it's not a huge market to play with
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No offence but I believe the companies in America would react just the same to the ones in Canada.
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I have tried to talk to CRTC before on other phone matters and they always blame the other guy!! They're full of it!
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This is so stupid that Canada is not listed on the (online numbers) am not an Amaircan nor Japanese or anyother..I am Canadian..our country gives and helps all others..and yet..we cant get a stupid (online skype number)!!!!>:-(
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The post on VirtuFon by carsontwilson is interesting.  I just got VirtuFon and Skype on my computer can receive a text message sent from my cell phone. 


I also had previously set up Skype to use my cellphone number as my outgoing caller ID (requires sending 2 text messages including verification code to the caller ID number) and would like to change it to my new VirtuFon number.  I can't, however get it to use the new 613 area code VirtuFon #.  When I try to send the verification text messages from Skype nothing comes through on the VirtuFon SMS.


Too bad.  Seems as though they may block it as part of the CRTC compliance.  As said in various ways by others, it would be nice if there were more, and clearer, information available from Skype and others on this sort of thing.


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Canada is in the top 3 or 4 most expensive countries for telecommunications, mobiles especially, its about time that the CRTC and the Canadian government remember who they are supposed to be looking after, get off the pot and help to make the market a more competitive one instead of letting the big few corporations dictate what is done here.

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