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No Video on panasonic viera p55vt30

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Casual Adventurer

Step 1Using a computer running Windows XP or Windows 7, go to​webcams/freetalk-conference-hd-camera-for-panasoni​c-tvs.html
Step 2Scroll down to about half the page and click on the tab “Downloads”.
Step 3Click on "Update your firmware"
Step 4Save the Binary File onto your desktop
Step 5Plug the Camera into the Windows PC’s using any available USB port
Step 6Click to open the Binary File you had savedA pop-up/ dialog box will open on your screen “Freetalk Conference Firmware Update” – ensure that your pop-up blocker is off
Step 7Click “Update Firmware” button(When the Firmware update is successful, the text “Reload Complete” will appear in the white box at the bottom of the dialog box. The firmware update process is now complete)
Step 8Unplug the camera from the Windows PC
Step 9Follow the steps of connecting the camera to your Panasonic TV or Panasonic Blu-ray player and enjoy Skype video calls from your television!

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Casual Adventurer

Hi,  it looks like the downloads section for the Panasonic tv camera on the support site is gone off the Freetalk site!


Please help!


Can you post the firmware somewhere so we can download it?


Thanks in advance.



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Casual Adventurer
Matt try this, click on downloads then update software.
http ://
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Casual Adventurer

Thanks beebeepo,


It looks like the firmware has been posted!


Thanks very much for the update.



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Casual Adventurer

That link was cut short in the quick reply. Try this link for panasonic. Click on the download tab then click on software update. Follow instructions I previously posted

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Casual Adventurer
Your welcome. Glad it worked for ya.
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Novel Tourist

Same problem with Panasonic TY-CC10W camera purchased with Viera smart TV.

Tried updating the firmware as directed, but when click 'Update Firmware' just get the text 'No match firmware inside' in the white box. Any ideas?

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Novel Tourist
Hi wischam,

did you get your problem with the Panasonic TY-CC10W camera resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue as you are.

Thanks, Sebastian.
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Novel Adventurer

Same problem with TY-CC20W and P50GT30. Would be nice if a firmware download existed to fix our lack of outbound video. Dispicably poor support for something so highly promoted on the hardware's packaging.

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Novel Tourist

I have the same fault with a logitec skype tv camera any tips ta, 

did one call from my laptop to tv fine then tried to make another call to a friend and the software either crashes or now video, turn the tv off on main switch and back on and will work again for a brief attempt then same thing

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