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No Hawaii numbers?

Casual Adventurer



I just checked Skype for a Hawaii number and see that they ran out rather quickly. I just bought a subscription and need a local number for my business. Now I have to put everything on hold because the Hawaii number is needed for the business cards I'm printing.


Please, when are new numbers going to be available for Hawaii?

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Casual Adventurer

Update: So it seems that after I went onto my account and tried to purchase a Hawaii number with my account (thereby receiving the 50% discount), it showed the two numbers I saw yesterday as still available.


I tried to purchase it and ran into the problem I described here:


My concern is, is the number really still available or is it just showing up that way because there's a lag in the server? Because when I went to get the number on the main page (instead of from my account page), it didn't show any numbers available.

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Novel Tourist

I look forward for skype to do its job and get some hawaii numbers. You have been without them for two years!! 

Novel Adventurer

I have been checking back for one year, waiting for Hawaii numbers to become available.  Is there a plan to acquire additional 808 area code numbers?


Novel Tourist

Same issue, I upgraded my account for ther sake of getting an 808 Skype number. Did I pay for nothing?

Casual Tourist

Is Skype replying to these posts? I don't see what their feedback is. Looking for Hawaii 808 numbers please. 

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