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Newly Authorized Mobile Number Not Yet Active After Almost 2 days

Novel Adventurer

Subject: Newly Authorized Mobile Number Not Yet Active After Almost 2 days


Hope somebody has an answer/solution to this.


In the Tools --> Options --> SMS Settings area, I submitted a new mobile number to authorize it so that SMS recipients can see my mobile number instead of my user name when I send SMS messages.


I received the authorization code on my phone, keyed it into Skype and got a message to the effect that the authorization was successful. According to what I've read on the Skype website, it can take up to 24 hours to start using the authorized mobile number when sending SMS messages from Skype.


It's been almost two days, but nothing yet. When in Tools --> Options --> SMS Settings, the newly authorized number doesn't show up on the list of number that I can use, only my previous number.


Any ideas?


Much appreciated!!

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Novel Adventurer



Re-tried the authorization process. Again, I received the code via SMS and it was successfully entered.


Still not able to assign my new phone number when sending SMS messages via Skype.


Any Skype staff monitoring this? Any ideas?



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I have exactly the same problem. Just not working. And this is even a paid service. But Skype staff is not che´cking this.
I also couldn#t find a fucntion to remove old numbers from the list...Quite poor performance, given that Skype is a mature product.
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