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New to Skype to go and question regarding charges

Novel Tourist

Hi there


I am trying to understand how skype to go works and I would love it if someonne could clarify my understanding of it.  I do have skype credit so no problems with that. 


So basically, I can use my phone (not voip ie: not using data) to call another person with the unique skype # for that individual. Am I correct in saying that? Im assuming that by setting up a skype to go #, I dont get international/long distance charges from my carrier, but rather, local charges? By using the skype to go #, im assuming the benefits are that local charges from carrier + small charges from skype outweigh the international rate charge I would normally get from my carrier? 


And if this is all correct, Im curious to know, how does my carrier decipher the difference between the long distance call I am making, to the local charges it is billing me? I mean, just because the # I am calling through the skype to go # is a local #, does not necessarily mean the carrier will know its a local call right? To their end, Im guessing they know I will be making a long distance call?


If anyone can shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Thank you 

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I think the best way to explain it is through an example.

If you are in Canada and wish to call a friend in Australia then calling directly Australian number would be an international call. Usually international calls are not very cheap.


Now, if you set up Canada Skype To Go number then you can call that local number from your mobile and your mobile operator will charge you with local rate since you will be calling Canada number. Your operator doesn't care where the call goes next, it's Skype who forwards your call from Canada to Australia. You are correct that for transfering your call to Australia Skype charges you.


Your operator will see it as local call and since they are not resposible of delivering call to Australia(Skype makes it happen) they will charge you with local rate. For them it's Canada to Canada call and they will charge you accordingly.


I hope this helped.



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