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Missing voice mail

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I've had all the same problems you describe. I get email notifications of non-existent voice messages and when I get email notifiication of real voice messages it is sometimes a week or more late.  Fortunately I don't lean too heavily on Skype for my consulting but I surely appreciate the pain it is causing you.

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Hi, is this the same issue as not being able to record your VM message as stated here?


Voice Messages is missing under Options>Calls

Novel Adventurer
No, this is not the same issue. Our issue relates to voice mail notification. Sometimes we get email notification for emails that don't exist and in others instances it is more than a week before we get an email notice for an actual emai..
Novel Adventurer

I would start a new topic but it is not clear on here as to how to do that.


I can not for the life of me figure out how to record an outgoing voice mail nor how to  pik up voice mail messages.  According to the instructions, you log in and hit "tools" then "options" then "calls".

It then says that there is a menu to the left.  Well, no there is not....

 My options window does not provide the same pull down as the one depicted in the instructions.


I have Windows 7.  

  The only "options" I have are under  the "Calls" menu selection are:

"allow anyone to call me" and

"allow only people in my contact list to call me. 


Can someone please provide me with directions as to how to set up and then retrieve voice mail with Skype?  Very important.  


 Thank you!!

Novel Adventurer

I too have reciieved several calls-they show as missed calls-email says there is a message for some of them-but unless actually access thru my email I can't find them! since I have to "sign in to skype anyway,why can't I access this thru the 'main' Skype page???!!!How ridiculous is that!!!!!??????

Plus they erase them after 60 days!

Come on, I'm trying to run a business here! Skype has taken a HUGE turn for the worse since "Microsoft' bought them!!!!!

Any ideas on how to find the messages from Skype page?


Novel Tourist

Do I l know you or was this a mistaken voice mail?


Casual Tourist

I received a message that I had a voice mail, but it's not showing when I login to SKYPE

Novel Adventurer

Thanks guys. I received an email saying I had a voice message on Skype and I could not find where or how to listen to this message.  If I understand well from all of your above messages, I should not worry, it is a computer clich and I did not, in reality, receive a Skype phone message.  Thanks.


Novel Tourist

Same problem here for several weeks.  I depend on this service and pay fpr a special number.  HELP!


Casual Adventurer

I also had this problem. I was receiving voice mail messages on my Skype Number and getting the email notifications but then could not find or access these messages anywhere. I talked with a Skype customer service person. The problem was that I was using the Windows 8.1 "app" version that came installed on my laptop. When I downloaded the desktop version of Skype and switched over to it I found all my voice mail messages right away in the recent call history area. The problem is the Windows 8.1 Skype application.

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