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Maine Online Number

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  I am waiting once more for an answer.


  Why is there NO online number for Maine?


  It's frutrating. I have asked this 2 or 3 times already and do not get a reply.



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Hi I have been searching the help support for an answer to this question, all I found was your question. Maine is not listed in the area codes for set up as you obvioously found out after subscribing as did I. I sent an email to customer support asking if Maine was supported and if not what options are available. If I get an answer before someone else replies I will post it here. I see it's been a few weeks but hopefully you get this and if you already have the answer I would appreciate it if you reposted. Thanks much )) Rhonda

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Please do! I would also like an online number. Thanks!

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I live in Maine and I would like a Maine online number. Does anyone have an email address or phone number to skype support? I need to get this set up.

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I would also like to set up an online number.  I will be interested to see when they notice our beautiful state.  Frustrating that Maine has to be left out!

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need help with my number

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Same issue... no Maine numbers. Has anyone gotten an answer as to why?
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I know this is late, but I recently chatted with a support person which told me that Maine is not a currently covered state. They also said they are always trying to improve and have "forwarded your suggestion on to our development team."


Hopefully they will do something about it, because having Maine as an option would be nice.

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Thank you for your effort.  I look forward to the day Maine will be included.


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Thanks for the update.  It's the same generic answer they gave back in 2011.

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