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Lost Contacts

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Dear Skype Team.


Today i tried Skype Phone(USRoobotics) with my that driver CD there was a Skype Package for install. it's a Little bit Old Version of Skype. after installing and after Logging to Skype i couldn't see any Contacts on my account. how can i get my Contacts back.



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Hello dineshlahiru,


I see you are having problems with Skype after installing an older version from a US Robotics disk.  Well, I have to tell you, that version is probably not even compatible with any current version of Skype.  It will not have even the same calls to Skype to retreive information from our servers. 


I suggest that you use the Windows Un-install program to remove it from your system.  All of it!  Go to  Start> Control Panel> Add and Remove Program, and then find Skype 1.2 and remove it from the PC.  Then go to your Browser and download Skype 5.5 from our website and install that version.  It will recover any data you may have lost.


I hope this helps you recover all of your Skype to get back online with us.


Thank You for using Skype and the Skype Community Forums.


Victor S.

Skype Enterprise Support
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