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Looking for your feedback on Skype Manager - positive or negative.

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I am working in Skype Customer Service. We are reviewing our product and I am currently gathering customers feedback in order to improve Skype Manager. What are your thoughts ? What you think about Skype Manager ? What needs improvement ? Is there something missing that stops you from using Skype Manager ?


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback to make Skype Manager even better.

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Hi, why is there still not an ability to add multiple contacts at once in the Skype Manager?  This is very frustrating when trying to sync all our company's Skype contacts to a new hire.

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We would like to deploy Skype to all our staff, but creating contacts is cumbersome for employees. If we could simply make all employees' Skype business accounts visable to everyone in our company with Skype Manager we would deploy it today.
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we just switched our company (50 users) over from MSN to Skype for this feature. One thing we need is a check box or a select all for the new hires to hit to allow them to mass invite everyone in the company. 


to hit the plus, then hit, launch program, then hit ok, to loose your spot in the list is very annoying. 


Simple invite all button would be perfect.

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It does that now thought not very intuitive. Took me an hour to find the section. Have an employee login to their online ( account and go to 'skype manager'


Here click on members list and the list of members you have build or imported in the Skype Manager will allow them to see a list of all the members in the company

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This doesn't answer the problem I'm having, unfortunately.  I understand that I can view a Members List on the Skype Manager by logging into the website, but there is no way to send a mass contact request so that a new hire can instantly log into Skype and have all of our business's contacts.


The only solution I've found is logging in as the new hire and sending out a contact request to each individual person in the members list.  As our business grows, this becomes more and more time consuming.

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With every messaging applicaton you must request to connect, so that will be a blocker. 



My first post requested a feature change to that screen, where the new hire could mass send request to everyone in the company. 


we're in the same boat. Our company is growing as well and having the new hire request 50+ other employees is very annoying. 



I would love a way where the admin could amost set up the 'company' contact sheet for all members of the company. Automatically add them to a global company address book where when the new hire is added, they sign in to skype and already have the 50+ users in that company address book. 


To add to that feature would be a way to allow the admin to set default groups in that company address book. That way you can instantly start a group chat with those default groups.


This would allow me to bulid out teams of our engineering department, and they can either send individual chats or go to their specific teams group chat.

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I am not sure what you guys over there at skype did with the skype manager 


now as a manager um unable to assign new admins or even reset/modify a password of any of my members and as a company we need to be able to generate reports about usage of our staff and that we cant do anymore with the new skype 

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Please contact with Customer Service directly regarding this problem. Few things you should keep in mind:


1) You cannot see the reports of members that joined your Skype Manager with their personal accounts and have not given you the consent to see their usage history.

2) Administrator of the Skype Manager can only change the passwords of business accounts. If the person joined your Skype Manager with a personal account and it was not created from Skype Manager (business account) then you cannot change the password of this account.

3) Any adminstrator of the Skype Manager can assign administrator status to other members. Make sure that you are logged in with a administrator account.

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  • Add back the ability to invite personal accounts for US based Skype Manager accounts.
    When we hire contractors they already have a personal Skype account.  Creating a business account only to remove the account a couple months later doesn't make sense.
  • Truly delete accounts. We used to "delete" accounts when people left the company.  Only to find out that "delete" doesn't actually delete.  Instead it converts the account from a business to a personal account.  Quit lying to us.  We may need to use that name again in the future.  Our work around is to change the account password and keep it in a Disabled group.
  • Skype Credit:  We've had all kinds of trouble with the payment system in loading Skype Credit into the Skype Manager.  In the end we could never get auto-payments to work even with Support help. Now we have the warning email about low credit and manually add more credit.
  • Allow Skype Manager admins to set Caller ID for users with a phone number
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