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Looking for a Vizio Tv web cam for skype

Casual Tourist
I know Vizio sells one but is there any other choices other than the 1 vizio sells? I just bought this TV VIZIO 32" Class 3D LCD HDTV 1080p with VIZIO Internet Apps 1080p 60Hz, E3D320VX Vizio had one for $110 but they jacked it up to $200 over night!!!!
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Your vizio tv is only capable of doing Skype calling using the vizio xcv100 camera.



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The Vizo TV Cam is a scam. The program was installed on there TV's to prevent further sliding sale to competition. The Vizio cam even at the doubling of price is not available any longer. 


Skype was purchased by Microsoft and has the USB licensing allocations locked up and to stop companies from going around that licensing using using HDMI instead they bought out another competitor.  Again locking out tecknology and not providing or replacing the services they provided. 


When will these companies move to Linux and open source so manufacturers can supply what consumers want and are willing to pay for. 


Vizio placed the software on there TV's as a fraud to compete with Samsung and there android operating system devices. Microsoft is not capable of writing software that can be loaded on the limited flash memory as can be done under Lenux. 


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Vizio should be sue for providing knowing product that don't work and sell it to the consumer without telling them!


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