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I have a LINKSYS IP Phone SPA921 telephone, how i can connect and use skype? Thank you
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I have the same phone and I am finding it hard to get instructions on how to set this phone up with Skype.


Can anyone direct me to the right place?

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To understand... You purchased a VOIP phone and now you want to use it with skype?


To use the phone you will need to use Skype Connect from a business account and take the registration information from the profile you create in the skype manager and put it into the spa921 web configuration page.


The spa921 only supports SIP natively and not skype. There are several phones that come with Skype built in that may be better suited for what you are trying to do (google for skype voip phone). Are you sure you want to use it?


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Thanks for your response skibumatbu.


I had come to the conclusion that I would have to set up Skype Connect, did this and then looked at the price and changed my mind.


In the end I went to Voipfone and set up a free account with £5 free call to start with, which is enabling me to test out my VoIP phone that I bought.  Even get a free direct dial number to use.  So far used it for my work conference call which dialling an 0800 number is free and people have called me on it.  Call quality is great.


All working fine now.




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