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LG Smart TV 47LM6400 Skype Web Camera Issue

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I live in kenya and today ive purchased a brand new lg ln540 42 inch and a logitech camera too only to get home and find out that its not compatible. This is not fair especially for someone living in 3rd world country. It would only be fair if lg had been pushing the sale of its camera to go hand in hand with the tv by either including providing a comprehensive price that includes the camera. I now have to throw away my logitech camera n theres no shop I know in nairobi that sells such a cam. This is really frustrating

I love all the features but am really disappointed not to skype. This was my savings for such a long time and therefore I expected nothing else but the best

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Novel Tourist

Hi friends,

I too have the same problem. i spent $184 to buy logitech webcam and it doesnt connect with skype on the TV. Dont know what to do now..


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Same problem for me. Purchased based on Skype claim as we talk to friends around the world. We now have a 55" Smart TV incapable of connections to Skype unless we pay another $169.
What a rip off - these complaints go back more than 2 years and LG continues to make untrue Skype claims.
Post to their Facebook page and let others know about this
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