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LG 2012 TV with AN-VC400 TV Cam - pathetic support from Skype

Novel Tourist

All I can say about LG's & Skype's partnership is "Stay Away"!


I bought a 2012 LG TV (LM47640T  £800) with their dedicated Skype Cam (AN-VC400  £90) only to find that the week I bought it, the skype software disappeared from the TV.  3 months later, it reappeared.  I plugged the camera in, and enjoyed a test call.  Then the problems began - now I only get video one way - no one can see us.


So I ring LG.  They tell me it is a problem with the software and to call Skype.  Skype then tell me it is a problem with the hardware, and to contact the LG.   And around in circles we go.  Meanwhile, the retailer tells me that they are unable to offer support or a refund as the product worked - if only once.


Stay away from the LG Skype compliant products.  Useless support from both LG and Skype.  My only course of action is to rasie a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading, as someone else found out in the U.S.  I'm not alone - see


This technology is potentially brilliant, butif the hardware and software vendors can't work together...what's the use?



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Former Staff

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your LG TV.

Can you please confirm a few things:
1. Does your audio work properly?

2. Which device are you calling on the other end?

3. Can you call this person from another device properly?

Novel Tourist

I have the same problem and tried everywhere to find a solution - all my devices are up to date with the latest softwares and i still cannot see the video of the calling party! Can someone PLEASE give us a solution to this prominent problem faced by so many LG users!

And for those of you that just bought the LG not-so-smart TV, welcome to hell!



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