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Is "Channel Partner" program defunct?

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There are several places during the sign-up for Skype Manager that refer to the Channel Partner program - but when you click on the link it goes to a  generic Skype home page??  I had spoke to a "channel partner" back in July, but the phone number he gave me at the time (an 800 number) rings through to a voicemail that directs me back t o the skype home page....


so is this program defunct?  I only care because it seemed like a way to get some additional help/support regarding enterprise questions.


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Defunct appears to be the correct word...  Based on the fact that Skype no longer accepts new applicants for this program: see the bad application links at, and the fact that nowhere on the Skype website is there a list of available channel partners, I'd say defunct is probably the right word. 

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Afer paying for the Premium account forever, I want to know about any other benefits such as the Channel Partner.

How can we get information?

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Well as I was one of 6 service partners in UK and listed on styles website for a period of time, I can confirm its dead. I got a letter from a US postbox address with Skype logo saying thanks for your support and goodbye. No mention of the re-imbursement and pay i was promised, by the UK Skype team. It was a big sum and put me out of business. Guess that's a thanks from the big guys who sold out for x billion dollars.
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The whole site is full of this kind of inconsistencies. I'm trying to ask for info and nothing.. Skype is great but the web and the support is pathetic... 


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