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Instant messaging on Samsung smart tv series 7000

Novel Tourist

Hi, I've just bought a Samsung smart tv  (2013) and I can't find the chat function on my screen. I've tried talking to Samsung and I get different answers from them. I've had both a Philips and a Panasonic tv at home, but no one have this function. When I bought the Samasung, I called their support and they promised me that I this function was included. But now they tell me that it's a Skype issue. Can someone please tell me the correct information? I really need this function!

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Novel Tourist

The app doesn't support the instant messaging feature.. I created an account for this exact same purpose (also just bought a 2013 Samsung Smart TV), but was stunned to learn that the app is completely useless without a proprietary/official Samsung webcam. Even worse, the remote has a build-in microphone, but it doesn't work in Skype.


A Microsoft product on a Unix device; why did we expect anything good?

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I just bought an LG, and that doesn't have the messaging facility either. Really annoying!!!

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It doesn't recognise a USB keyboard either, see my post at

Come on Skype guys.

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Ive had my Samsung TV for a couple of years and the Chat function was there and worked fine, Some brightspark obviously decided to remove it in one of the previous updates for some reason, Ive searched various forums and all I can find is "Chat is not supported",................. But no mention of why! especially when it use to work without issue....frustrating

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