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Incompetent and Irresponsible Support by Skype Chat Support

Novel Adventurer

I contacted the Skype support team on 27th Oct for an issue on credit allocation. The problem was not resolved after more than 2hrs of trying different browsers, clearing of browser cache and even purchased additional credit for testing, etc. the problem could not be resolved. The support person assured me that he would escalate the case and revert within 24-72 hours.


In between, i continued to spend hours to search for solutions and realized that the support personnel had instructed me wrongly and no one contact me even after 72 hours that was promised. I initaited a chat support again, this time to asked for refund on the amount that the first support guy instructed me wrongly on but was told that was not possible. I asked to speak to a manager but was refused by this support person. She even said that her manager will give the same answer as her. She even suggested that I tried the different method again which obviously i refused to waste anymore time. She again said she will escalate the case and promised to revert within 24-48 hours and now is well passed 48 hours still i didn't hear from anyone from Skype.


My conclusion is Skype support person is incompetent and irresponsible. Incompetent because they do not have the knowledge to provide support. Irresponsible because after providing the wrong support, all they could say was please finish using all the credit that we have wrongly adviced you to purchase.


If you are new to Skype, pls thoroughly learn the do's and don'ts before you embark on this. You are on your own.

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Novel Adventurer

It is FAR WORSE than what you have experienced. I have been a Skype customer for so long, I was paying for the service using a Eurocard and my account showed the British Pound sign instead of the $ sign on my account, even though I was paying in dollars. What is even worse, I now have the following message when I sign in (which CANNOT be cleared since any reference to this card no longer exists in their system.)

Your credit/debit card Eurocard/Mastercard ****6619 will expire in 0 days.  Payment setting


My company has previously had Skype numbers for over 10 years which cannot be renewed because of some other system fault. So today, I go into the system and purchase $120 worth (3 numbers) of 1 year subscription. I do this through the Skype manager. The system assigns them to and shows them as purchased through my personal account, NOT by the Skype manger.  However, the Skype Manager shows them in the Skype Manager Screen, Skype Numbers tab, but these numbers CANNOT be allocated. I get the same response out of the Chat support, which told me to put some credit in the Skype Manager and purchase new numbers. (This was at the END of the support chat.) The original suggestion was to CANCEL the numbers then purchase them again in the Skype Manager (which has a ZERO balance). My IMMEDIATE question was, if I cancel the purchased numbers, does that refund me the original purchase amount? It SHOULD was the wrong answer. Then the Chat Support person drops the real bomb on me. Even if I DO cancel the numbers, I can't get at them because they are now locked to my personal account for 90 days by the system, so sorry, you can't use them as intended. So it all boils down to the following (which is in bullet points as an effort to perform a KISS for the tech types who might not have done well in school with story problems):


Skype Manager Issues

If there is NO BALANCE in Skype Manager,

  •  The system defaults to the individual account balance
  •  Any addition of funds to complete a purchase goes through (and adds to) the individual account

Phone Number Issues

  •  ALL phone number purchases therefore are immediately attached to the individual account
  •  If you cancel the purchase, the number is LOCKED FOR 90 DAYS to that account. (Skype claims to be powerless to change this. In fairness, this may be an issue with the Telco's/Govt to stop the practice of SLAMMING a consumers phone.)

Skype will NOT refund you anything automatically. Nor, if you end up with the same problem as Simon, Tung wrote about, you may be waiting a long long time to see your money.   An FYI to Skype legal, this type of practice is what Class Action Lawsuit attorney's love to see.  Remember, your not based in Europe anymore.




Skype Manager has more bugs or unintended functionality which CANNOT be corrected at this time according to Chat Support


Skype Support will stonewall you regarding an escalation path above their client facing first level.

(Seriously? SHAME ON Skye either way, for not providing it or stating their isn't one, when there really is such a pathway.)


Skype Support claims there is no way for a person such as a DB Admin to go in and alter/shift/delete any data from user files or the database. Interestingly, the original creators of Skype used to move things around all the time.










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Novel Adventurer

Yes shame on Skype. Despite all the promise and tracking number given to me, no one call me back. I think Skype is not interested in solving problem. They are probably just interested in getting people to buy their credits. I will send the chat record to Microsoft and see if Microsoft is interested and if Microsoft is more responsible.

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