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Important: No charges for using Skype Manager

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Initially we started our Skype Manager offering with a notice that we might charge for it in the future. Skype has revised this strategy and is not planning to charge for Skype Manager usage in the foreseeable future.


P.S.: In case anyone notices any references to paid Skype Manager - please post here so we can get them removed ASAP.

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At skype manager pricing page, there are still inconsistenteces. Try to look at this page in Polish, German, Russian languages. Even in English international there is still information about trial version until 31-07-2011.


Best regards

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Thanks for noticing. I spotted the Russian version is incorrect, but will also report Polish and German.

Where did you find reference on English site?
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Please help!

This may not be the place for this but I can't work out where to get an answer.


I have two skype accounts and need to make calls from the second but skype won't allow payments from my credit card as it is already connected to my first account. I've added my personal account and it still wont allow a payment for phone credit.


I really need this for business purposes and as I'm an Australian but living in China I can't get any help.


Please can anyone tell me how to deal with someone at skype, surely there is an office somewhere? 

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This site still shows that prices will change by july 31, 2011, which is some time ago now!


I find it very difficult to actually figure out, what it would cost our company, to use Skype for business purposes. Is it still the same prices if we have 20+ people signed up for group video etc. than it would be if we signed them up one by one? Can you direct me to someone i can call or email and talk with about this?

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Thank you for pointing this out. The outdated pricing info has not been removed yet, don't know why it takes so long.

If you wish to discuss specifics, please get in touch with support via email (there is no phone support, sadly) at
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in researching how skype manager works, I came across a video that describes the process and the video talks about starting off with credits ( i.e. $)  and then distributing them to other skype managers that the primary one assigned.  I believe that is a reference to cost that you are looking for. 

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Could you possibly give a link to that video?


If its just allocating Skype Credit - then its fine, this is one of the Skype Manager features. If it was talking about the fact that just having Skype Manager is a paid feature - then it is an issue, yes.

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I had an email from Raymond A. at Skype Support this week, actually in relation to something else, but he added:


Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the specific date when will the free trial of Skype Manager ends. Rest assured, you will be notified when this will be implemented.


So it sounds like it will be chargeable at some point? 





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Latest info I know is that there are no plans to charge for Skype Manager.

Even if it happens (which I doubt), there will be early notice.
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