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Idea For enhanced skype users.

Novel Tourist

Commonly I find myself dibble dabbling with settings for my hardware to specific drivers that I use for my 2 sets of speakers to my computer. Currently I use a Bose companion 5 for all game sounds and music, Mounded under my metal frame desk (Glass L shaped top) are 2 little speakers with a volume control onboard attached to the vertical framework for the pull out keyboard tray (Which I do not use) I use for skype sounds. Very often I have to switch between my headphones and mic, to my basic configuration of my Bose companion 5 and mic. I pose the most intelligent idea to make it so much easier to swap custom set driver configurations Fast! Idea 1 of 2, Make it possible to have 1-5 links on the desktop that when double clicked it automatically changes to the configuration desired. Idea 2 of 2 have a check box on every page of the options panel that allows you to set a default page such as the audio page as soon as the options panel is opened.



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