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IP PBX loses connection to SIP Skype server

Novel Adventurer

The IP PBX seems to be connected to sip skype server, but the server doesn´t respond. I force a log out and log in again into my sip account by the PBX. So, every thing goes fine. The sip skype server responds fine until next freeze. I recorded a LAN trace where is easy to verify the IP PBX requesting skype server and the server doesn´t respond.

I use the sip skype everyday and everyday two or more times it stop responding. Logging out and logging in again solves for a while.

My IP PBX is a GrandStream UCM6102 at last firmware update.

I contacted a manufacture engineering whom analysed the trace and got the same conclusion: SIP Skype server stop responding for nothing.

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Novel Adventurer

I´m not sure whether ip pbx loses connection or just skype server doesn´t respond to ip pbx correctly and the pbx uses its trunk fail over.

Has anybody faced something similar?

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Novel Adventurer

I´ve just tested a solution that keep working for the last 2 days. Before that I had to log off and on again twice or more a day.

The ip pbx has a feature called "enable qualify" which one tests the sip server each 60s. Once I turned it off the ip pbx has been working fine. 



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