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I/O Error

Novel Tourist

Hi. during a skype conversation today on my PC, my connection suddenly ended. When I have tried to log in again it gives me the I/O disc Error message. I am using Windows XP and I have followed the instructions and tried to remove the relevant 'skype name' file as suggested. However when I do this an error message appears saying that it "cannot delete the file as it being used by another person or program". Strangely I can still log in as usual on my iphone with no problems. Would completely un=installing and re-installing Skype solve this problem? Very strange how it occured mid conversation! HELP!!

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Please do a Skype reset:


1. Ensure that "Show hidden files and folders" is switched on.

Click Start and then Run Type "control folders" and click OK. In the View tab, ensure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled


2. Exit Skype : From the system tray >> right click on the skype icon and click "Quit Skype"


3. Click Start >> Run Type: %appdata% Rename folder "Skype" to "Old_Skype"


4. Re-run Skype


Check if the issue persists

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