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How to get an online number quickly?

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The current system keeps on complaining about available number, but at least you should have an ability to generate one once 4 tries are not available?  What gives?




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knowledgenotebk wrote:

What gives?



Online #s are owned and allocated by the responsible telco in any given country/area - not Skype.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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It's a good pointer, so, I gave you kodu and thank you, once the problem is resolved quickly, I'll then mark it as a solution.  Weird though, screen looks so pretty but system design is flawed.

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skype email support is unhelpful.  I specifically asked them to generate a number for me since their system has a problem of doing so but they still have not.


Do they have a support phone number to call?  Thanks.

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Problem.  Their email support still hasn't responded?  Is it likely some bad guy, I mean, corrupt/misinformed security apparatus individual messed me up?  Otherwise, I don't see any reason why such a simple task that skype support would fail to do.

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I have trying to get an on line # for four days i am in Fl. and would like to have a PH. #."Frustrated"

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