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How to Disable or Remove the Click and Call Function

Novel Tourist
I tried the Click to Call update as per your link, rebooted and STILL no improvement on this Cut and Paste debacle.
Novel Adventurer

So I have the reverse issue.


Have unlimited calling credit, installed click-to-call, and now cannot get the icon to appear in IE 9.


Any suggestions?  Checked the Add-In management and says it is enabled.

Casual Adventurer

Just had this, but have uninstalled successfully in Google Chrome & Windows 7 (x64).


1. Uninstall within Chrome by right clicking on Click to Call button and choose remove from chrome (uninstall).


2. Close Browser window(s)


3. Open task manager and look for the process chrome.exe and right click on that and choose end process.


4. Go to Control panel add/remove progs & features and uninstall Click to call.


The key here was that Chrome was still running in the background. If IE/Firefox users have the same issue then Task Manager/Processes seems to be the key in *really* closing the program.



As a side note this software intrusion doesn't happen on my Mac or Chromebook only on (surprise) Windows n):

Novel Adventurer

thanks primemover for the fast reply, do you also do development ?

Novel Adventurer

Hey everyone I tried to remove the click to call for skype and it wouldnt go so I found this link here on the skype fourm and it worked for me this is a mcrosoft tool that is used to remove hard to remove programs and it really worked for me after spending hours of my time trying to remove this thing. You think that skype would fix this problem! I hate the click to call feature but like skype it's self...anyways this should work for you guys it takes a bit but is much better than doing every thing and not getting no where.

Novel Tourist
I have the same problem, this plugin is terrible, whoever designed it should be ashamed of themselves, pain in the ###
Novel Adventurer

I have already tried using the control panel to remove skype "click to call" but the remove process hangs up on "gathering required information" and will sit there forever and not remove the software.  I have no problems removing other unwanted software, but this add-on is stubborn!  Skype doesn't seem to offer an option to not have it automatically install each time there is an update to Skype.  I have not found it adds any functionality to my computer or browsing.

Click to call continually causes problems on my computer.   I have win 7, all latest updates, and use Chrome, Fiefox and IE for various browsing.


I would appreciate advice on how to remove it, and how to keep it from installing.  

Casual Tourist
I uninstalled google chrome, from the control panel as it asks you to close chrome windows (whether you have a chrome browser open or not) Then from the control panel again click "uninstall skype click to call". This way it quickly gathers the information it needs to complete the uninstallation.
Casual Adventurer

This suggestion does NOT work. It is after clicking remove that we get the messsage to close all Chrome Windows. We don't even have Chrome, so how do we get rid of Skype altogether....?

Casual Adventurer

I did dump Skype "altogether," however, it won't uninstall Skype Call it.This irritating invasion should be considered an assault and therefore an invitation to a rather large class action suit agasint the company for damages.