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How much does a skype number cost for 1 year subscription?>

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I currently have a 3 month subscription, that cost me $18 just for my skype number. How much does it cost for a 1 year subscription? Why is this nowhere on the Skype's website? Why is there NO skype customer service? unreal. simple question, incredibly hard to find simple answer please....


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I apologize because I do not have an answer, BUT I completely agree with you. I searched everywhere on the site looking for the cost of a Skype Number. It was important to know the cost beforehand so I wouldn't waste my time filling out all the forms just to find out it was too expensive. I have seen other sites dealing with high end recording equipment that do the same thing. Evidently there is something they want to "hide" until the last minute...not a good way to do business IMO. 

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I just renewed my Online number for a year for a 50% discounted rate of 25 Euros, because I also have a calling subscription
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I just bought the $18 one as well to see how it works. The checkout process indicated the one year fee is $60 USD.

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Yeah dito.  I searched everywhere and there's nothing on the cost of setting a Skype number.  It is absolutly ridiculous.  What an incompetant bunch!


Hi, VWLemon, and welcome to the Community,


Here is what I found when I checked on this section of the Skype website:



Skype Number

  • Skype number

Your own number that anyone can call from their phone and you pick up on Skype wherever you are in the world.

Learn all about it here

  • Select numbers from a variety of area codes in several countries – no more expensive international rates for your friends, family and clients.
  • Whether you're moving abroad, travelling, or simply need a global presence for your business, your Skype Number will ring wherever you are.
  • Pick up on Skype using your laptop, mobile or tablet.

Get a Skype Number now from just $5 per month* .

Get a Skype Number

Get support for Skype Numbers

*$5 when you opt for a 12-month Skype Number. $6 when you opt for a 3-month Skype Number.

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I agree with this post 1000%.

I just don't understand what the reason Skype doesn't display the cost of Skype number.

I am also having hard time finding out how much the Skype number costs me.

Skype, why doean't display Skype price in price list?


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Please! Do you really think they are incompetant??? Microsoft? They are deliberately hiding it. I think it is because a google voice number is free and they dont want that all over the intenet so they seem to not publish it until you start the checkout process. How rude! What microsoft execs hit the buy button on any piurchase before knowing the price?


I have skype manager and three skype numbers for my employees and one subscription for mine for unlimitied calling to one country for one number only. One of these numbers has never been used, one is almost never used and mine i do use but probably never enough to add up to 6.99/mo for unlimited calling. They also make your bills in such a way that you can't assess your costs - they break them into little sections so you  can never see your totals and would have to make a spreadsheet to track your costs. I am paying about $300/year- I'm always getting charged for something. And I can't call customer service EVER; I have to type chat with service rep operators who are badly trained an dont know answers. Unfortunately I made the huge mistake of having business cards printed with the skype number but I'm so disgusted I am ready to re-print. For $300, I could do that. 


I am so disgusted.


Dear All,


Thank you for your feedback and recounting your experiences.  I have alerted those to whom I report to this thread.


Best regards,


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I agree with you.  They're hiding it because google voice numbers are free.  Further, I don't even know if these numbers are transferable.


Its hardly worth it to get a number and pay $6 in addition to the normal calling costs.  Its not surprising that Microsoft doesn't care about its customers.  Its not in their company DNA and never has been. 


Just to explain to any Microsoft person who claims wants to claim they are customer friendly: Caring about customers does not mean using those words, doing research etc.  It means actually putting it into practice.  Want to see examples of companies who demonstrate that in your own Seattle/Puget Sound area?  Here are three: Amazon, Nordstrom, Costco.  Go study how they treat their customers.

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