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How do I edit my contact's details?

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Until this morning, I have had the ability when highlighting a contact's name, to be able to right click and select "edit contact."  This morning, without upgrading, or downgrading, I suddenly find that that option is no longer there and the menu has gone from about 8 options to about 15... none of which are useful.  My ability to edit contact information which I entered is now gone.

I have several entries to alter. 1 has a new landline number she does not list with skype so I have her number entered for my ease of use and which I entered and now want to change but I can't.

Who can say what happened to this feature? and why, oh why, is it IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold (even as a paying customer) to anyone in a support capacity at skype itself?  

Ever since Microsoft bought out skype this program has begun to go to the dogs, it has been turned into a money-making enterprise where the needs of the customers go unnoticed and, apparently, unappreciated and not considered.  I'm too busy to be digging around like some archeologist looking for answers which oftentimes aren't here, or are too new to have any noteworthy solutions.  (just saying, in case anyone at Microsoft cares to read these and keep up with the trends of what their customers want and need)

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Click the down arrow against Call Mobile tab, then highlight mobile no to be edited then click extreme right of the tab. Now you can edit the no and save it. You can also add additional phone nos through this method

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PaulaG posted 12-09-11 the best response with Primemover being 2nd. Both lacked some detail as to "How to do it", but that's where PaulaG came in the closest.

I am now up to version 5.10 and the issue is still the same. It was nearly impossible to understand where this "pencil" was suppose to be as there are many ways to get Skype to dial out a number for you.  There is no menu item stating "edit / contacts". To help with directions, I'll state what keystrokes I went through.

Starting with the local software turned on and you are signed in.

In the left column you'll see your username with your online status.

Below that is a tab for the menu of calling phones.

Below that are the two tabs for Contacts and Recent.

Below that is your contact list.  In this list left click once to highlight the contact you wish to edit. You then notice on the right column (right side of window) your ability to click on a green oval shape button for Video call (if webcam is detected) and a green oval shape Call Phone button. There are a + oval shape button and a Call Quality button furthere to the right, but we are not concerned with those two. Point your cursor over to the Call Phone button I just talked about. The right portion of that particular button has a down arrow feature to display a submenu. Click on that down arrow and you'll see a list of number(s) to call for your contact and even Add phone number if desired. Do not click on the phone number you wish to change, but simply place the cursor over it. You will then notice the pencil icon to the right within the highlighted section.  Click on that pencil and a small window will display where you can delete the entered number or change it.  Don't forget to click on the little "check" icon just to the right of the phone number in order to save your change.

As others have said, if the pencil doesn't show, then it's not yours to change, but you can "add" another number to your liking.


I bid thee fairwell for now.

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I am frustarted with the Customer Support of Skype , these people answer without reading the question:  Chat rooms are manned by people without much knowledge, do not have the answer and everything they have to do research and you wait and wait. THEY ARE VERY GOOD IN QUICKLY ATTACHING SOME UNRELATED LINKS AND ADVISING YOU TO DIG THERE!!!!!!! 

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Please MS do not put your layers of "non help" into Skype, I find that MS is the most difficult organisation to actually engage with.


I need to do a very simple address update as we have moved office, easy you would think, two three mouse clicked, especially when I have signed in and handed over my credit card details!


20 minutes later and "circular" webpages, sigh have been a loyal Skype user and payer for the service for years.


Can someone please help me.



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I have in a wrong number too and can not edit and it calls the wrong number even though I have put in the new one.... this is crazy and I hate it. Why cant we edit our own junk??? Makes no since.


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I believe there is way out of SKYPE's inefficient system:


1. Close Skype:


2. Go to the contact in your Mac/Computer/Ipad/Email from where the Skype is synchronising contacts.


3. Convert all the Contacts with their telephone number (If known) as +  international numbers e.g. if it is in USA -write the number as '+1area code and number'  ( +17703XXXXXX); the + is replacing '00'


4. Start SKYPE again and synchronise the contacts.


Hope fully it will work.




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I havs skype for mac. I was able just now to edit some incorrect and superfluous contacts' numbers in the following way:

- I went to the contact's name in the left hand GRAY column;

- I right-clicked on it (as I use a magic mouse, I second-finger clicked on it);

- on the menu which popped up, I clicked on "show profile";

- the profile came up and next to the numbers was an "edit" option; I clicked on edit and was able to change one number and delete another.



NOTE: This only worked for contacts whose names were in the extreme left gray column.


I hope that helps. 

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PS I have skype version
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Try the Skype customer nservice or chat line, you might be lucky. To. Find a person with knowledge who will listen and answer you with real tips
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