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How do I add a contact? There is no "add contact" on my Skype page

Casual Tourist

Do I have to pay to use Skype wifi? I can't register a contact on my Skype page.

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Hi, NewYorkCity1, and welcome to the Community,


The only time you would need to use Skype WiFi is times when you require internet access, and have to pay for it.  Skype WiFi offers a convenient add-on to you can pay for WiFi access using your Skype credit.  An airport lounge would be a perfect example of this.  More details here:


When you mention adding a contact on your Skype page, are you referring to your Contacts list?  It sounds like you are trying to add a contact to your Account details - an often overlooked next step is to download and install the software on your computer or the app on your mobile device.  Here is a link to the software download: Download Skype


Best regards,




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