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How can I renew my Skype Number for 12 months?

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Having the same problem. There is no way I can renew my number for 12 month (which offers a 50% discount !) I can only renew month by month and this is far too expensive for this service.

Can anyone help in buying an actual 12 month subscription for the service??

It used to be so easy and straight forward now it is so hard to find any information and help to achieve it simple task of paying for a service.




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Hi, Orzo.Coffee, and welcome to the Community,


I realize what I am about to write sounds a bit weird: to change the term of a Skype Number subscription, we need to permit it to expire, or in other words, reach the end of its term.  Your Skype Number will be held on account for you for 90 days following the expiration date, so you can sign in even on the same day you receive the e-mail stating your Skype Number subscription has expired, to reinstate the subscription and change the term.


I had to ensure I had enough credit on account so my renewal would process successfully; if you plan to renew for a year and use credit for your payment method, remember to add enough credit to cover the cost of the annual subscription.  You could also change your payment method at the time you reinstate/renew your Skype Number subscription.


Make sense?


Kind regards,


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