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Hosting multi-point video call on with Skype TV App

Novel Tourist

We have a Toshiba LCD TV with built in Skype App.  Is it possible to video call more than one person into the same call?  I'm not able to see where this is possible on the screen anywhere.  Is this an upgrade or not an available feature with the TV app?


Thank you

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SKype TVs can participate on both audio conference and group video calls - however in both cases the TV can only be an audio contributor, and cannot send or receive any video from any of the other users. Also, the TV must be invited on to the call by one of the other users - the TV user cannot initiate the conference call. 


You can, of couse, call one of your contacts from the TV, who using their Windows or MAC can add in the other users you want to chat with. 


I hope this helps.



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