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Hit reset button on video settings and now video is too dark

Novel Tourist

I have a 42" Panasonic Viera and a Panasonic TY-CC20W webcam.  I set it up and everything was fine, the video on the cam was crystal clear. Then I pushed the reset button in the video settings of skype and the picture suddenly got darker.  I can't restore it to the way it was before no matter how I adjust the various color/brightness settings.  Any thoughts on what I can do?

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Novel Tourist

Hi, I got the same problem when I pressed reset button in Skype. However I got back my factory setting on TY-CC20W, here is what you need to do: 


1. Unplug the TY-CC20W from your TV.

2. Attach it to any Laptop or desktop (running windows 7 would be best as it will install the drivers for TY-CC20W automatically).

3. Now open any Web camera application (if you don't have then install one - Google it).

4. Search for camera control settings in Options or tools menu or settings button etc (this settings will be in Advanced settings of your software that you would be using, basically this will be camera specific settings, not of the software).

5. Search for "Exposure" setting and set it to auto or press Default button if you see it.

6. Hit Apply and remove your TY-CC20W from PC or Laptop and connect back to your TV.

7. That's it, you will get the original settings back.


Skype need to put "Exposure" settings as well in the TV's application camera settings or at least fix the reset button to reset the Exposure value as well.

Novel Tourist
Hi ! I am experiencing the same problem. I tried to change the settings to defaut by going to skype on my laptop as there is an option to do it on skype, but it didn't work. Have also tried few web applications but invain. Please post the weblink or the software you used to fix this problem.
Casual Adventurer

Same exact issue here with the same camera and a new 55" VT50.  

Casual Adventurer

I wish I could attempt this but I only have Macs and when I plug it in there, nothing happens.

Casual Adventurer

Anyone else have a solution for this?  I am about to return the camera for a new one (and I'll be sure not to touch the settings.  That's a bit silly!)

Novel Adventurer

Did everything like MirAli wrote and it worked!

Connected the Panasonic TY-CC20W to my desktop with Windows 7 on it.

The drivers were installed automatically, Windows downloaded them from the internet.

In skype set the exposure to Auto and that's it!


MirAli thank you!

Novel Adventurer

MirAli's solution worked for me as well. Just open skype, go to video settings and then on the second tab of the camera settings there's a bunch of lines with different settings and a column for "auto" on the right. Check the "auto" box for "Exposure", just as instructed above. Woke mine up... and all is well. Thanks much for showing us how to fix this.

Novel Tourist

I used VLC on Ubuntu Linux 10.04. No drivers, just pluged in, opened camera in VLC and clicked Reset To Default Settings. Skype on TV now has good colors.


Thanks fo the advice. But Skype should fix there software to provide access to all camera settings.


Novel Tourist

Brilliant, followed the instructions worked a treat, why is there no setting on the TV, I was about to send my camera back until I came across this solution

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