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Group Vide-Call Prenium Question

Casual Tourist

Good evening everyone, I have a question about the skype group video-call, does the whole group need prenium to part of the ten person video coference or does the person running the video-call can just have prenium?

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HI, rgibson90, and welcome to the Community!


Only one person must be a Skype Premium subscriber in order for a group video call to work.
  More details here:


What do I need to make a group video call?


To make a group video call*, at least one of the people on the call needs to have Skype Premium (for personal accounts) or Skype Premium in Skype Manager™ (for business accounts). If you’re not sure which type of account you have, it’s easy to find out.

If you have a Skype business account, to make a group video call, your administrator will need to allocate you Skype Premium.

Learn more about how to make a group video call.

You can’t start a group video call in Skype for mobile devices, Linux, TVs and Windows 8, however you can participate in it.

Each person on a group video call will need:

Depending on the number of people you are calling, your computer will also need to meet the following requirements: ...

[There is a lot more information than can be copied and pasted here; please click on the link, above, to see the entire article.]




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Novel Tourist

Did not work for me.  I purchased a day pass and was never able to connect for a three way (2 macbook pros  and 1 HP running Windows 8.1).  Tech support useless.  "Support" meant having a on-line chat, having me reload Skype (which was already up to date) and was left to me to figure out if it worked.  So I need to buy another day pass to figure it out and for all I know it still does not work.  Tech Support to me means: stay on it until you fix it.  Not here.  Skype expects me to throw good money after bad.  Rotten service.  Day pass is intended to encourage people to contemplate Premium.  For me it did the very oppositie because of poor client service ethics.  


I guess I am used to Apple Support which is always outstanding as they get to the bottom of the problem and FIX it.

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