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Find my skype business account

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I downloaded Skype for business because my employer requires that we use it.  At the main page, instead of clicking that I am an existing user, I thought that I was going to be a new user and created an account, but the company had already created a name and password (so  an account I assume) for me.  I can't seem to accesss this account now.  Does anybody have any ideas how to find it now? (I tried just using the name and password they provided to sign in but it did not work)


Thank you,


Rebecca F

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Hi, Rebecca,


If I understand it correctly, you created a new account when you downloaded and installed the Skype Client software, and now every time you start Skype, this account is automatically started and you are signed on to it.  If yes,

- Sign out of this account and quit Skype. 

- Re-start Skype, and when the sign-on dialogue box appears, un-check "Sign me in when Skype starts." 

- Continue to sign in as if you were going to use the account, and then sign out once again.  I include this step so the account "remembers" not to sign you in.


When you start Skype again, you should now be able to sign in using the account and password that your company created for you and assigned to you.  If not, I suggest you contact them to ensure you have the correct account name and password.  Let me know how it goes!


Kind regards,



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