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Extended icons - Message from skypemoticons?

Casual Tourist

Hello there,


I have received twice a message in my conversations, as shown:

"Your skype does not support extended icons. Please download the extension here:"


I checked the site but it appears to me as fake. Or as we say in my country, a 'pirate' site. Is this app an approved app for Skype? Or even could be a door for some threath as a trojan or virus??


Some friend told me he already installed this app and is working apparently in a normal way...


Thanks for your advice



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Novel Adventurer

I regret downloading this add on ( It's wreaked havoc on my pc. I uninstalled it through the control panel. But the app is still there when I open skype. 


Any tips on how to remove this completed would be appreciated.

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It is piece of rubish - process name SE.exe which is possible to find through task manager located somewhere ~profile\AppData\Skypemotioncs\

I already deleted these files(after process kill in task manager). It looks like skype is functional and without this rubish.

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Novel Adventurer

support extended icons.

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Community Manager

Please stay away from that "Skypemoticons" malware: It is not endorsed by Skype in any way and actually does bad stuff to your Windows installation. Make sure you are always running an updated version of your virus scanner database as most of thm detect this malware.

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I've tried several virus and malware programgs. I've uninstalled skype and reinstalled skype. I'm almost ready to leave skype forever.


You would think the employees at skype would read this and provide some guidance. Hope tehy read this. I'm at a loss as to how to remove all parts of skypemoticons

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Novel Adventurer

i would like rectify the same

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Novel Tourist

Iobit Uninstaller, then C-Cleaner, then Malwarebytes. Then restart your computer. Should probably do the trick.

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Casual Tourist

Have you figured out how to delete these yet?? I am so tired of having this on my PC. I acidentally downloaded it as I kept having a message pop up, and now can't find it on my PC to delete it. 

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well im aboutto attempt to help my friend with it soon so ill let yu's know what i come up with but im no genius so dont hold yu breath, unless u want it gone enough to kill urself lol .. and for some ... it seems like it may be an issue lol !

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