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Echo during calls

Novel Adventurer

I am using the Panasonic/Skype camera with my Panasonic Blu-Ray player. Audio is through a home theater setup.  Video is good, but when we make a call, the person on the other end can hear his/her voice echoing in the background.


I've already gone through Skype's list of troubleshooting tips:

1) Turn volume down - we tried this but the echo persists, until we have the volume so low that we can't even hear it.


2) Move the microphone away from the speakers - we have moved the microphone all over the room, far away from the speakers, but the echo is still present.  We even buried the microphone under some pillows and the person on the other end could still hear their voice echoing.


3) Purchase a Skype headset - we won't be doing this as it defeats the purpose of using Skype on the tv.


I also tried some troubleshooting of my own, but none of them worked:


1) Turned off all but one of the surround speakers.

2) Set the output to Mono.

3) Pointed all of the speakers away from the Skype camera.


It would be helpful if we could contact Skype through our TV setup so that they could hear the echo for themselves, but apparently Skype has no customer service.


Has anyone else had this issue with the Panasonic Skype camera?  It seemed like a cool idea but it simply doesn't work and we are about to send it back.



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Novel Adventurer

Judging from zero responses and the facts that Skype and Panasonic are pointing fingers at each other regarding this problem, I've come to the conclusion that this technology doesn't work.  I'm sending the camera back for a refund.


It would be nice if these issues were worked out before a product is put on the market.

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