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Downloading member usage reports

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Has the ability to download ( into .csv file) the call record for members of my skype account been removed from the reporting functionality?

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I have business accounts (as distinguished from personal accounts) created using Skype Manager.  I can still view and download usage reports but the last 3 digits of the called (destination) number have been replaced with * (redacted).  This issue is known to Skype Support and last word I received regarding resolution is "still working on it".


If you are the administrator for personal accounts, your users apparently have to "allow" you to view their usage reports.  The "How to" is in the Skype Manager manual at this link


Hope this helps.

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From a related message:  Apparently, your users will have to expressly allow the administrators to view all the usage data before the complete destination number can be viewed.


The steps for your users to complete:


To give consent for your Skype Manager administrator to view your Skype usage:

1. Sign in to Skype and select Account from the Skype menu bar.

2. Under Settings and extras, next to Skype Manager, click View details.

3. Check I agree that the Administrator may see the detailed activity on my Skype Account including my traffic data and purchase history.

4. Click Save Settings.


- May save you some time looking it up

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Thank you.

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I am the admin on a Manager account, and all the accounts I am looking for the usage on are viewable in the report section.  The primary issue is that no download of a csv file option is presented anymore.  Is anyone else having this issue?

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yes. same issue.
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When my reps do this, there is no check box for them to check.

I too need to be abel to download the usage reports.

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