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Does Skype support Local Number Portability (LNP) in USA?

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I would like to become a Skype at-home user but I need to keep my same phone number, is that possible?  How do I initiate the transfer?

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Sorry, LNP is not available in Skype. Wish it was.

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If the Skype service community reads these posts, I make the following humble request: please, please, please get LNP working here in the US!! US carriers are gouging their users knowing that cost efficient VoIP solutions are not yet available with LNP capability.
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Port into google voice then redirect from there?
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While Microsoft has bought skype, that's OK but google voice redirect is not so OK.

Google voice transcribed your voice into text, privacy concerns here, and keeps your number. Great for redirecting but what if you want to use only your ported number like you do when going from landline to cellphone. You also have to use an android google phone or caller ID will give out another number. You want to be associated with only the old business number, no confusion and you don't want to look cheap or so cutting edge that you take unnecessary risks. You want to be seen as reliable and stable but who wants to pay for a data plan when cell phone bills are already high enough. 

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Is this still the case? Any news on local number portability with Skype?
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Definitely interested in the LPN. I have a 1-866 number for my business and would like to run through skype. I'm currently with a different virtual phone online company, but they do not have many of the great features like Skype does (such as chat, etc). 


Would like to port my number and join skypes premium service, but won't make the move unless there is  "Portability".  Skype developers, PLEASE consider.  Thanks.

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