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Contacting skype re my phone subscription - mission impossible

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I have gone round and round the houses, trying to find a way to contact skype directly and the on-line support centre sends me in a loop, giving me information which doesn't relate to anything I look for.


Skype have just decided to deduct some money from me regarding a telephone number I haven't asked for. I don't want to pay for it, in fact I'd like a refund and xxxxxxxxxxxxx if I can work out to turn off autorecharge or cancel the phone number going forward.

It's utterly ridiculous that there is no way to contact skype directly regarding this.


I have spent 40 minutes rummagint around trying to find out how xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to even get this far!  And I'm still not in the right place but am totally desperate!


I am utterly furious, not only with the fact that they have taken my money, and secondly that it appears to be completely impossible to contact them. Why is there no way of sending them an email directly?


Can anyone help me - and please don't send me to a help page because so far not one of them  has got me any closer to being able to contact skype regarding my query. It is utterly ridiculous that I have to post this into a forum/board, or whatever this is called. Why is there NO customer service contact email?  WHY??????


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I was signing up for a phone number, but: I had to wait for it and the number was put on reserve, and I was told I could buy it with a special % off discount, but when it was able to transact the reserved number had no longer the discount % off offer? And so I paid full price? Is there a way that I can still get the discount that was originally offered to me at the time I desired to sign up? Because I thought it was a good deal so I said yes I'll sign up, but: at time of check out it disappeared? Is there Customer Service I can talk to?


Dear Readers,


Skype does not use a central e-mail address to contact its customer service unit; instead, we complete a web-form; upon clicking the Send button, this is the same as sending an e-mail to Skype.  Many people are directed to start an instant message chat with a customer service agent.


Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

Here are a few extra notes to guide you along the way ...
You will need to proceed through each step, one at a time. Sign on to the Skype website as requested. Choose the subject and topic which most closely matches the item you need assistance with. Then, continue past Step 2 of the instruction where several articles from the FAQ library will appear for you to review, and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request (the blue "button" appears at the lower right corner of the website page). You may also skip through Step 4 where you will be referred back here to the Community; no need to do this as the Community is where you started. When you complete the web-form and click Submit, your information is relayed to Skype and you will receive a reply via e-mail unless you are transferred to start an instant message chat session with a Customer Service agent.

If you experience difficulty reaching Skype Customer Service, try again using a different web browser. Also, look to approve a pop-up dialogue box which would connect you to start an instant message chat with a customer service agent. If you have pop-ups blocked in your browser settings, this will also impede reaching an agent.


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Novel Adventurer

Hi Elaine

I'm afraid your answer bears no resemblance to reality.

I went to the link as you suggested and signed in, which takes me to my home page and then I have to go to the support centre and I'm back to the nightmare scenario that I was in before I somehow managed to post this in the first place.

There are no steps to follow or go through. I find a post, any post and look for a blue continue button in the bottom right hand corner. There simply isn't one.

It should be easier than this. I tried chatting to an on-line support person before and couldn't. But luckily I now have. So hopefully I will be able to get this mess sorted out. But really Skype - you should have easier ways to get in touch as your current methods/process/procedures simply don't work for me. I shouldn't have to go through the kerfuffle of trying to find an answer via the community - it's an accounts query that is between me and Skype, not me, skype and the community. Problem is now resolved - but only because live chat was up and running again and not as a consequence of any useful information I found on the site or through the responses.

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