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Clownfish Translator not working well with Skype

Novel Adventurer

Clownfish Translator is not working well with Skype. I need to reinstall skype and the clownfish translator, EVERY time I start my pc. This wastes a lot of time, and is very frustrating. Please help me with a solution so that clownfish translator works each time I start skype.


I am using the latest versions of both Skype (6.14) and Clownfish (3.52), on windows 7 pc.

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Casual Tourist

Sorry I do not have a solution because I have the same problem. I wondered of you have found a method that will work. I have a friend in Russia and they use clownfish with no problems. From my research, I think it is something to do with which version of Skype you have.


Hope to hear from you

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