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Click-to-Call Bug

Novel Adventurer

During the night, Skype have sent out a bug to every subscribers computer.


Every 30 seconds I get such an annoying a pop-up:


"The following plug-in unresponsive: Skype Click-to-Call.  Would you like to stop it?"


And when you select YES, it does NOTHING.  And WHY does this do NOTHING?


And YES, this pop-up appears when I have quit and logged-out of Skype altogether.


This IS a bug sent out deliberately by Skype.  I have NEVER had this until this morning.


I am going to remove Skype from my system altogether and go back to using


When I signed up for SKYPE, I did NOT sign up for my computer to be hacked by Skype webmasters to be under their control.


Moreover, why is there no contact details for Skype?  Because they want to remain a shady and unscrupulous outfit, perhaps?


This is yet more time I am having to spend on my PC doing things I dont intend doing, costing me time.


GET A GRIP, SKYPE, or we circulate this 'planted bug' on Facebook and elsewhere.

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Novel Adventurer

I first noticed this  last night.  Today SKYPE  has blocked my calls!  What is with these birds???? 

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Novel Tourist

Click-to-Call ne s'installe pas sur mon ordinateur 

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Dear Readers,


This particular thread related to Skype's Click-to-Call feature is outdated!  A new version of the feature was issued on 16 August 2013.  You need to update your browsers and download the new Click-to-Call add-on; remember to enable it!


There are still random issues with Click-to-Call on the Chrome browser which Skype is aware of.


This old thread now closed.




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