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Change Mobile Number for SMS Replies

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If the SKYPE do not assist, do not bother with them. Leave them.

I have the same problem, they replied 'round and round'! No solutions!

So  I do not use it.!


sir g mai call aur sms kana chaahta hun plz mari help ki jyie

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I have a problem like this. I have his mobile phone SMS messages sent from my computer to my girlfriend in America. My cell phone number is displayed in this post. But when my girlfriend sent me a message to my mobile phone, a verification code sent to the caller ID. I'm gonna enter this code where? I joined you on your website, but I could not find a page to enter the code. My girlfriend sent a message to my mobile telephone number, but the message did not reach me.

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There is a temporary fix. (a) Above the text box where you compose your text, double click on the 'From:' number displayed. A Skype - Options window opens. Next to the mobile number displayed in this window is a drop-down arrow. Click on this to select the correct verified mobile number you want to use. Click on 'Save' at the bottom of this window. Repeat the step from (a) above through to 'Save' (i.e. exactly the same steps has to be done twice). The correct number is now displayed next to 'From:'. If you close Skype you will need to repeat all of the above again so that the verified number you what to use is correct.

When you what to add verified numbers by clicking on 'verify a different mobile phone number', click in the verify box with the existing number displayed and type in the new number and then click on send. When you receive the verification code on your mobile and have entered it in the code receive box, click 'submit'. The new verified number will appear in the mobile number drop down list for selection as in (a) above :happy:.

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Here's how you set up your Skype senderID correctly:

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ho to delete verified mobile number, as i dont need this, plz some one help me


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This was raised 2 years ago now according to the first post and Skype still haven't resloved it!?  It's a clear bug and Skype are not listening to their clients as usual.

This number ID bug is totally unacceptable

I pay two subscriptions.

Get your act together skyp and start listening and acting on the feedback your clients are giving you!

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I have also same issue..........!

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This topic is not solved and the link Claudius posted is not helpful. I think the service is really poor for the fact that we're all paying to send texts. This topic is already over a year old.

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So the question is, does anyone at Skype pay attention to these forums and use it as the very rich voice of the customer that it is?  It would be a colossal mistake if they didn't.  The field of competition can get pretty nasty when there is a vulnerability like this.


I am so sick of the wrong number going out in my "reply to" when I SMS, because I am in a hurry or don't check thinking that I have already changed it!!!

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