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Cant sign into Skype account via Samsung SmartTV

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I am in account works fine on my Ipad and Windows PC....but when i try to sign on via my Samsung Samrt TV   i just get the timer scrolling endlessly.


Anyone know if this app is blocked on the TV (although it downloaded fine)

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We have just become aware of an issue which is causing some users to have problems signing in on some Skype-ready TVs. We are investigating this urgently and hope to have more information soon.



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Mines doing the same it is just spinning round I've logged in to my account on everything else but on my tv it won't connect. If it doesnt connect I'm taking it bck I only got the Tele for Skype and 3d
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Im over in Victoria & am experiencing exactly the same problem. Any one know when a fix is expected?


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I'm having exactly the same problem, just bought a new Sansung UE40ES8000 smart tv, registered and set up Skype on the tv, everything seemed to work OK.....signed out and now I can't sign back into Skype....the timer just spins and seems to be stuck in a loop. I can sign in on my PC so it seems the problem is with the App on the tv. I hope this is fixed soon as Skype was one of the features I was hoping to use frequently.

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Please have a look at Claudius' reply here:
There is a workaround described which will allow you to use your TV while the problem is being resolved.

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I have a new Samsung Smart TV, yesterday using it for the first time I could use Skype, today it is just scrolling trying to login. Any ideas.
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I got it working following advice, created a new account, logged in, logged out then logged in with original account having added my date of birth and gender to my profile. Seems crazy but it worked for me.

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Hi has there been a fix for this yet? we purchased a samsung 64E8000 yesterday, my husband has no problems signing into skype but when I try it is like the others, it just continously signing in and won't connect, no problems with computer, iPhone or iPad

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As a temporary workaround please login to your web profile page and enter date of birth and gender information there.

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