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Cannot Add New Accounts. Site Hangs at "Creating Accounts..."

Novel Tourist

I have been trying to add a new account via Skype Manager all morning.   The site just hangs at the stage where it says "Creating Accounts..."  It will hang this way for hours.


I am on a Mac and have tried on Chrome, Firefox and IE via a Virtual Machine.


Tech support said it was an issue on Skype's end, but we got disconnected and never got an ETA.   


Looking to know when this will be fixed and also to verify that others are having the issues.




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Novel Tourist

I tried to add accounts for my staff via Manager for hours. All Skype wanted me to do was IT work, so that they could "elevate" the issue and study it. Be aware: Skype tech support has no ability to come on to your screen and fix anything. Such rudimentary tools are beyond the reach of Skype's techological prowess. So if you are running a business, and communication is important to you, forget about any kind of normal customer service. You will be directed to a page which teaches you how to take a "screen shot" of the issue you are experienceing, which you then must send to some generic e-mail address, so that it is eventually forwarded to a tech team, which will study the matter, and someday get back to you and tell you what they think about it. Oh - that important international conference call that you had to make? Send a courier pigeon; you'll get a quicker response.  

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Casual Tourist

I'm trying to create account since 2days. Nothing works. It just stays on

"Creating accounts...

this may take a few minutes"

Skype is worst and worst every day.They should start sorting thier sh%$&!



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add contacts hangs been trying for weeks living in namibia
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