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Canceling pending payment?

Casual Tourist

So I am very new to skype and I'm not learning it that quickly.

I thought you had to buy an online number- I got a 1 month subscription via a one-off bank transfer a few days ago for £4.03- and I have since found out this is not compulsory.

How can I cancel this payment? I've already been to the FAQ which sent me here.

I just need a quick answer!

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Hi, ColinTheOwl, and welcome to the Community,


Oops ... where you need to be is logging on to the Skype website (top right corner) and proceeding to contact Skype Customer Service for assistance.


Here is a slightly annotated version of the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service.   Hope this serves as a useful road map!










How can I contact Skype Customer Service?




Skype offers help and support through:


  • Email, and Live chat (for eligible customers)


To get help with the issue you’re experiencing:


  1. Go to the Support request pageYou will be asked to sign on to the Skype website at this step.
  2. Select the topic you need help with and the problem you’re experiencing. ... or the closest topic which matches your enquiry.  Some information that might help with your problem is displayed.  These are the FAQ articles pulled from the library for your review.
  3. If you still feel that the information doesn’t help, scroll down to the bottom of the website page and click the Continue support request button at the bottom of the screen.  Please note that the graphic, below, is for illustration purposes only, and is not a hyperlink to contact Skype Customer Service.



  1. Select your contact method. (We recommend that you check our Skype Community first. No need to circle back here, as the Community is where you started!)
  2. If you chose email, enter your details, describe your problem, and then click Send support request. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


We don’t currently provide telephone support.

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