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Cancel online number

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I live in USA and I wanted my family who lives in Morocco to call me. I didn't pay attention to the "online number" description service. I thought that I need to get a local USA "online number" for my family to call it from their Moroccan cells. After I paid for a 3 months subscription, I realized that I was wrong. Even if it is possible to change from USA local "online number" to a Moroccan local "Online number", I will not be able to do it because Morocco as a country is not included into the "online number" service list.

Is there a way to cancel my online number account and get my money back?


Thank you for your help



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I am an attorney and I am ready to file a class action if my online number is not cancel and I see another month charges taken out of my credit card. Please cancel my online number

my skype sign in is manuel.enriquez47 and my password is manny73. NO MORE CHARGES.



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I second you on skype online number cancellation policy because they simply don't seem to have a cancellation policy which is ridiculous. 

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Unlike with the subscriptions for calling phones, Online Numbers don't automatically renew.  If you don't want to keep an Online Number, simply let it expire.  Skype will hold the number for you 90 days after its expiration date, at which time it will revert to Skype.  If there is some reason you need the number cancelled sooner than its scheduled expiration date, contact Skype support instead of posting here in the forum.



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