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Can you track skype calls?

Casual Tourist

Hi Guys,

 Just wondering if there is anyway I can track which Skype button a call has come from. For example ive got multiple websites selling different products that report to the same skype address. I dont really want to make a different skype account for each so is there anyway I can tell which site someone has come from/which button they pressed?

Cheers :happy:

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Community Manager Emeritus
Our web call and chat buttons don't allow for any tracking like you are describing. You can pass a Skype token - as described here: - with a skype:-protocoll's call link, but:
1) all users using the same token will be joined into the same conversation
2) You dont see the call token anywhere in the Skype UI

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Novel Tourist

Would it be possible to track Skype calls in order to measure conversion in web analytics programs like Google Analytics then? Are there any apps on the market that measure phone call tracking? Thanks for looking into this.

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