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Can't upgrade Skype on Samsung C7000

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I am  trying to use Skype on my TV after sometime without it. When selecting the App I get this message, "Please upgrade to the latest version of Skype. You need to download and install before proceeding. This could take several minutes. Select OK to continue." After I select "OK" I get the following message, "Unable to connect to the internet, check network settings and try again." The Samsung C7000 is connected with a LAN cable and I am able to use every other Samsung App on the internet and have also performed the Network test successfully.


I would appreciate a solution to this as I am considering getting a WebCam to video call with family abroad.




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You can try resetting your smart hub:

There is a way of doing this, but it involves resetting ALL of the smarthub back it's default state - which would mean that you would have re-install any other apps that you have downloaded.

To do this, go to the SMART HUB menu and press the TOOLS button on the remote. WHen the menu appears, select the SETTINGS option and then RESET. You'll need to enter your PIN (if set) before you can reset the SMART HUB back to its factory default state. When it's completed, Smart Hub will update itself next time you go back to it, and you'll notice that all of the Skype Names are now removed from the sign in screen.

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