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Can I transfer my AT&T mobile number to Skype?

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Hi, I have a US (+1) Skype number, but I would like to use my current cellphone number from AT&T as my Skype number. Will Skype allow me to port my ATT number as my Skype Number? If so, how?

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Googe voice allows you to port your cell phone number to use their voip service. It's a important option with a porting charge of $20 because most people need to keep their cell # as it's given out to many friends, relatives, goverment oganizations, hospitals, etc.

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Hi, Ifnovo, and welcome to the Community!


Skype does not support inbound number porting; in other words, you cannot bring a number into Skype.  However, Skype does support outbound number porting; in other words, you could feasibly take a Skype Number to another carrier.  Whether the carrier in question will permit this or has the resources in place to accept a Skype Number is up to the carrier.


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Will Skype ever support inbound number porting or is there work being done to make this happen in future? This is important because i think most of us are fed up with these oligarhies such as TMobile, Sprint, etc that take advantage of theri customers by overcharging, poor service among many other aspect.


Do you know any VoiceIP sofware that does permit inbound port numbering? Is there a third party service that could do the inbound number porting and then foward to enable us use Skype?  

Thank You

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I believe RingCentral and googlevoice support porting numbers into their service.  I wish Skype would have this feature as I may need to use gvoice now as much as I dislike google...

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Actually gvoice can only port in mobile numbers per their faq

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any ITSP (voip provider) worth patronizing can both port-IN and port-OUT


to bridge the sheeple gap I suggest anveo as they convey OLD TIMEY SLOW COSTLY sms texts via


  1. xmpp texting
  2. sip texting 
  3. email
  4. URL
  5. API
  6. web control panel

a "skype number" is not a special something but a skype PR branding of a DID (inward dial number, as you would have with other internet phone [voip]).  Since microsoft acquired skype you MIGHT expect skype to interact with open standards, or at least the microsoft hybirdization of SIP.  SIP is one OPEN STANDARD for conveying: voice calls, video calls, video conferencing, texting.  Another is xmpp.  [@savvy:  RFC 7081]



  • fund anveo account
  • port-IN number from where ever
  • forward all calls to where ever else
  • ^ or selectively forward based on YOUR created filters: number, caller id name, time, day, challenge response, ditch numbers, ring a bunch of numbers sequentially or serially, etc etc

anveo has a visual platform for designing filters.  the next nearest "competition" is vitelity.  a distant third is voipms.  I would avoid the latter as they do not have a visual designer for call flow and lack the ALL IMPORTANT "cnam filtering".  Caller id has two parts: number, and name.  The latter, caller id name, is: CNAM


When skype allows average customers to receive calls via SIP URI your voip forwarding will be a tenth the cost or free.  Average voip minutes cost $0.009 .  Yes you read that right: less than a penny per minute.. often in 6 second increments.


The ones I mention here are PAYG, Pay As You Go, which is EVER SO MUCH more affordable than "unlimited" (which is NEVER actually-unlimited).  No calls that month?  No cost beyond DID.  You DID, or voip number, like the ten digit one attached to any mobile phone, can be called by any "normal" phone device [vocab: PSTN]. The typical DID cost is $1/mo.  Anveo has a wider cost/array of features than most every other PAYG ITSP.


Yes, I'm a huge fan, which is why I bothered to reply in the hopes of saving you PAIN, TIME, and MONEY in the otherwise school of masochism knocks.  Anveo is not merely dial-tone, but also a partial IP-PBX.  All the power you should want for yourself and then some.  New awesome continually rolled out -- and open to intelligent suggestions.


Notice no [evil] affiliate urls?  I benefit in no way -- an act of kindness.  And I hate the spam resulting from affiliate nonsense. Word of mouth sufficies to make or break an enterprise. Perhaps you'll spend some time being kind to a stranger on the interweb? 


Merry Christmas





xmpp texting


sip texting

on your "smart" device (phone, tablet, comptuer) can replace the ENSLAVEMENT to your ONE phone device from the mobile phone company you patronize.  Perhaps this will be your act of kindness rescuing everyone you interact with sparing them the monthly COST.. a mobile bill decution of a quarter, a third or more.  Both of those are OPEN STANDARDS, with actually-free apps (no malware: all third party ads in apps is malware), no cost to send or receive.  @Parents: stop burning money on slow costly old world sms texting.  And should you be NSA wary:  prism break, prism info, OSTN, OTR



 prism-break dot org

sip sorcery dot com

 anveo dot com

vitelity dot com

voip-info dot org

nerd vittles dot com

 urban dictionary: adware


Let the self-education begin anew!



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Thank you for the helpful reply. 


I am a mental health counselor. I need to worry about HIPPA compliance. Do you know anything regards to this issue? How does Anveo protect personal health information. If my clients use this service will the content be private?

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Googe voice allows you to port your cell phone number to use their voip service. It's a important option with a porting charge of $20 because most people need to keep their cell # as it's given out to many friends, relatives, goverment oganizations, hospitals, etc.

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