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Can I get an online number of India?

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I would like to get an online number of India, which I could use it any where in the world. Is it available now or is skype planning to add this country in the list in future?

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you cant  ... get an online number of India , man!!

India doesnt give her number just to anybody



probably you mean that you want to CALL a number in India_?

yes you can call any MOBILE NUMBER.


just put the number with the code for the country and the operator and click call


try to call yourself!


wish you all best

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I have a laptop and I dont have a router but I have one of those little router things that you plug into your laptop through the USB port. Is it possible to plug my phone into that as well?

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I am talking about the feature in skype


"Get an Online Number"


its in skype store. There are some 25 countries in the list.  I don't see India in that list. I wonder, if they are planning to add it in future or it is not available as I am accessing the site from U.S. 


I would like to get one of India.  If you know any other service available like that, let me know. Thanks!




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im not get india skype number,how to get india skype number,plz help me
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I'm having the same question like yours buddy. But as you know its not easy to get a number in India without mandatory documents to proof your identity and physically signing agreement papers related to terms and conditions of service and along with your officially acceptable photo(not your profile pic). All of these mandatory security and authentication procedures might be making things a lot more complicated for SKYPE to allow its users in India to have a number with just a click of a button. In many countries around the world there is no such security procedure and requirement for identity documents in order to get a prepaid number (in form of handset or SIM card). You can even buy a prepaid SIM card from a newspaper stand in some countries in europe and get it activated instantly. But that's not the case in India unless someone with serious brain power comes up with a solution without compromising public security.   

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