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Calls Being Forwared Are dead on receiving end

Novel Tourist

I am currently trying to sell my truck so I bought an online number. I have this number forwarding to a house phone first, and then tried with a cell phone. I will see a call coming in from the online number. I will answer it and nobody will say anything. I look online and I can tell the phone call went from 14 to 22 seconds. That tells me the other person is trying. I will hear nothing on my end but keep the call open until they hang up.


I signed into Skype on my cell phone and turned off call forwarding. I had someone call me and my phone would ring one time. After one ring, my end hangs up and the other end receives a busy signal.


I have been using an online number and call forwarding for years with great success but now it is failing every time.


I made a new account for this online number so the account is new but I have nothing configured different from my account that does work. The account has funds on it and the number is good for three months. Every day I cannot get this to work is another day I cannot sell my truck.


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