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Caller identification with your online number in stead of my mobile number

Casual Adventurer

Hi guys, was wondering if it is possible to set my caller identification to my Skype online number in stead of my mobile number. 


I'm using it for business and would like people to call me back on my skype line in stead of on my personal mobile





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Casual Adventurer
It should be. Mine was always set up like this from the start. After some issues, I've just reset mine. It's under "Call Phones", then lower left, there should be option relating to Caller ID. Once in the Caller ID tab, my phone number was in the "pre-saved" numbers list. I'm not sure if it will be there for you, if it was never previously set up. (I just wrote up more detailed explanation in another post.)

All I can say is that it's definitely possible - I had it working like that for three months (for the same reason - business calls).

The reason I can't be definitive on instruction here, is because the displays change based on your current settings. Try exploring the Caller ID tab.
Staff Moderator

gerbenvandijk wrote:

was wondering if it is possible to set my caller identification to my Skype online number in stead of my mobile number. 

Hello Gerben,

Yes it is. You can choose either your Online # or your cellphone #.

Go to > Account Page > Set up Caller ID > Verify Number


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Casual Adventurer

This is not working for me. I can't see my online number in the list, and if I add it it says it is an invalid mobile phone number. 

Novel Adventurer

Hi Gerben,


I am having the same issue, the option is not there to use the online number just a mobile number.


Very annoying having paid for a service that does not work



Novel Adventurer

I have had Caller ID working with both a verified mobile number and my Online Number. However, there are two problems.


(1) Caller ID (at least in the UK) appears to work if the call is received on a mobile network but not with BT landline (the main landline operator in the UK). I'd like Sype to make a definitive statement about whether Caller ID should work with BT. I've spoken to both Skype and BT, neither of whom could help or be definitive.


(2) Skype seems to keep 'forgetting' about my Caller ID setting - instead of showing the current Caller ID number it shows the link to setup Caller ID. I've re-set the number several times and it sticks for a few days then disappears again. 


I'd be interested in other user's experience of Caller ID + BT

Casual Adventurer

I'd like a further response on this, I'm really annoyed that a feature that I'm paying for is not working. Also, clients call me back on my mobile phone now, what is clearly not what I want.

Casual Adventurer

Could anyone get back to me on this? I would hate to cancel my account and go through the trouble of getting a VOIP phone for my business, but if I have no other option than to get this fixed (i'm paying for this), than I have to.

Casual Adventurer

Anyone? I am still having trouble with this and I would love to have it fixed. Thanks!

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