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Caller gets busy signal or goes to voicemail immediately

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Caller gets an immediate busy signal on connection or goes to voicemail right after I click "answer" on my end. Works correctly about 25% of the time max. I need this for my voiceover clients' phone patches and it is embarrassing when they are not able to call the number I send them!


Works fine when I call them, but this is not a satisfactory answer...sure don't need the cost of an online phone number if it doesn't work!

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I've been trying for days to mine to even work, skype support just doesn't care.

I'll be demanding a refund for the number and the subscription for calls if they don't fix it fast, annoyingly I've got business cards with the numbers on now -,-

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Have you had any response from Skype S

upport at all?

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I had a response this morning.


They said the information they requested (even though NO Calls are coming through from ANYONE) is vital information.  Aparently it's too hard to make the call themselves and trace it.  What sort of techs are these guys?


And they also suggested that my Online Number is broken, and that I should just buy another one.


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Conversations between customers with the same problems have not helped anything. I need a solution to this problem or I'll have to cancel the online number. It is of no use to me if it is not reliable. Please, please, since I'm paying for this, at least acknowledge the problem, call me, or fix it. Maybe it is just a simple thing I'm not doing, but I've gone thru all your support, tutorials, and cannot find anything to help me and don't seem to be able to get anyone's attention at Customer you hve Customer you care?????!!!  I'm feeling alone and forgotten, used and abused!

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A little tip mate;


If they tell you to cancell your online number and order another one, Don't.


It's not fixed things for me and I'm sat with £135 worth of Business Cards that are nothing more than a paper weight, although Customer Services are trying to reactivate my old number free of charge.


Direct Quote:-


"Unfotunately, this issue is not a Bug, but there is many concerns similar to this that we are receiving and only our specialized department can fix this."


This so called "specialized department" just send pre-written responses that are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, oh and take a good 24hours to get a response, on a good day.


Thinking of Setting up a Skype Sucks forum or something

As a sideline on livechat it's taking up to 10 minutes to get a response -,-

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I'm getting the same complaint. My elderly mother uses the number to contact me. She has no long distance service in the nursing home where she lives, so I set up the number so that she can call me.

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See this thread:

This has been an ongoing problem for over six months, Skype support is useless to fix it. If you paid for your online number recently, with a credit card, I recommend filing a dispute with your credit card company for failure to provide the service that was paid for, since trying to get Skype personnel to refund is largely fruitless, and they seem to be making more effort to deny the problem than to fix it.

They deleted four of my comments informing people of this yesterday, which is more work than has gone into responding to my supposedly escalated tech support query on the subject.
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I just purchased an online number 2 days ago and so far NO calls went through! All calls get busy signal immediately! Online Number DOESN'T work!!  Where can I get a refund?


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I've had a skype number for several years and as far as I know its always worked up to about two months ago.  And just after I got new signs for my car and business cards it starts getting a busy signal when a call comes in.  Where the *&&^% is Skype Support...this website is so EXTREMELY Frustrating...I'm LOSING BUSINESS AND PAYING FOR IT!!!  SKYPE FIX IT!!!!  I want my money back!!!!


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